Deux HOMMES Interview

Behind VIZUVL GVDS: A Chat with Muktar Onifade- by Samantha Peters

S. What would you attribute your own success to?

M. With every success I experience, there’s a kid back home who will probably run into my product and be inspired knowing that somebody who speaks the same language and looks similar can make clothes at this level. And I think that’s why I push myself; I do everything that a full manufacturing house would do for a brand. I want people to look at my work in 10 or 12 years and say, “Wow this guy really put in his effort and didn’t make excuses for where he was in the moment.” You don’t need to have anything given to you to be able to create. I’ve failed so many times; it’s even taken me a year to figure out how to make a pant. But when I figured out how to make it, I felt a lot better knowing that I never gave up.